Poem A Day for a Month # 4

I’ve breathed through birth
so I can breathe through this…
only now I am the one curled like a fist
and my breath shunts
in time with the clench of my hand
round the hand of the nurse.
Let go.
On the screen inner tubes
smoothpink and wet as gums…
Then, like clag in pipes
that cauliflower mass
pressed concave –
the lining of the colon
grown florid, curlicued, baroque.
No swan-necked polyps
easy for the snip
just this integral abundance.
Ten days later nil by mouth
my friend sends me a card –
Dig For Victory.


About Jan Dean

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One Response to Poem A Day for a Month # 4

  1. Andy says:

    Interesting ending. Great job!!

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