Back at the keyboard

I’ve been away from my keyboard for a couple of weeks and writing poems in actual ink on real paper.  Now that I’m here again – briefly – I’m going to post a few of these unblogged pieces  alongside my poems of the day.

Today’s poem…


The mat is mountainous with voles

blossoming with voles

impossibly dangerous with time-travelling voles.

I will not give them to you

although you desire them fiercely

I will not give them to you

even though I hate them

because  you will understand too much

and see me for the dog I am.

…and 2 from my notebook…

Bank Holiday Monday

Relaxed not going anywhere rain

here for the day drizzle grey.

One eye shut window pane game –

a square of wet laurel

slate cob wall and ivy leaved toadflax

say it again… toadflax

ivy-leaved, lovely leaved

toad-toed tip-toed flax

green and pin prick purple

on golden stone

I know a bank where wild thyme travels

only it’s on holiday

and it’s raining

and the sofa’s swallowing me.

I’m finished now.  I can go home.

(April 9th)

A Stone Sky

I will wear a coat of flame

under a stone sky

I will dance along the scalloped fringes

of the green sea

tomorrow may pin me to a desk/a sink

but today I am fire bleeding red gold

into the liquid light of emeralds.

(April 15th)


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