Brazen…Poem a Day for April #24

They die so well
petals openopenopen
bending over backwards
to be beautiful
their sex more and more
more and more
Choose me they scream
at every passing bee
until their reckless craning
is done
and every red fold
is dropped dead
naked as Salome
gawping at the baptist’s head.

About Jan Dean

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3 Responses to Brazen…Poem a Day for April #24

  1. Great poem, love the first two lines especially and ‘choose me they scream/at every passing bee’.

  2. Simon Marsh says:

    This is exquisite, Jan, and poignant too, for me, this year. A roaring wind in Holy Week felled a number of lovely flowers in our garden. Two fallen tulips might easily have been trampled underfoot so were given pride of place on the vicarage kitchen table where they thrived, going on to join us on Easter holiday in Cumbria, posing for photos, opening and closing, morning and night. Beautiful and altogether very well behaved. 2 and a half weeks of pleasure could so easily have been missed and old softie here consigned them to the compost heap with a sigh! I love your “They die so well”. They do. And I so admire your powers of observation and reflection. Thank you.

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