#29… and counting

Widower from down the road
walks dogs. The long lurchery sort
he used to have are gone –
I miss their lope, their narrow faces,
their wet round eyes and swoop of tail.
Now it’s rescue russells – two small jacks
one smooth and freckled as a cup of horlicks
the other gingery rough
and whiskery as a golden seal.
They bark more
are more trouble than the old dogs
he can’t trust them off the lead.
Sometimes he walks the neighbours’ westies too.
Today, as wind ripped blossom from the tree
and rain pulped it in the gutters
he passed with four in tow.
His navy coat was bellying in the gusts
but four broad cords made guy ropes
tethered him
anchored by the need of four small dogs.

About Jan Dean

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4 Responses to #29… and counting

  1. Simon Marsh says:

    Goodness me Jan! Your observations are so acute, compassionate and tender. I think this is the kind of observation that made of Jesus such a very great – incarnate – teacher. You too.

    “Anchored by the needs …” Profound, simple, life-giving, life-living, and true. Thank you. Again.

  2. Jan Dean says:

    Wow – what a lovely, kind thing to say.

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  4. I loved those last lines; the guy ropes
    tethered him
    anchored by the need of four small dogs.
    Leonard Cohen, eat your heart out. But can you sing like him?

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