The last of April…

The month is over and the poem a day project is now complete.   I’ve ended where I started – with observations and reflections on things happening here and now.

Later today I’m disappearing for a while  to refocus my head on writing poems that don’t leave children out – for the rest of the week I’ll be on a Writer’s Retreat with 14 other children’s poets.

But I’ve loved doing this blog,   so… I’ll be back…

A mallard and his mate
he all glossy green
she brown as hazelnuts
neat and plump as a tweed cushion
sit on the verge outside the surgery
mere feet from the 50.
There are rabbits
on the airport roundabout
a stone’s throw from The Romper
a wooden lion, gold painted
his mane stays stiff
in the winds that backwash
from the runway –
the rabbits are all bounce
race and white scut
the ducks settle on tender curls of grass
town foxes tread their territories
kites and kestrels scan
the central reservations.
Early Sunday by the NatWest bank
a sparrowhawk takes down a pigeon
and the blackbird’s song
cuts no ice with the magpies
they do what they do.

The ducks move on.

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