Why my notebook is messy

I don’t like lines.  If I have a notebook with lines in it I turn it sideways and write across them. 

I doodle.  And I make splotches with blobs of ink because I like to write with gel pens and they do that stuff sometimes.

but mainly my notebook is messy because it is a place to think in and thinking is messy.  It’s not straight line A to B stuff – it wanders about like a snail in a box… or the route of the Olympic torch…  Thinking goes off on one.  And plays around. 

And I change my mind all the time. 

Here’s a line from the last poem I wrote in my notebook: rumblecrack pause then…

I challenge you to write your own poem around it.  Go on – you know you want to….

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  1. I have nominated you for a very Inspiring Blog Award. The nomination is at http://davidherbert.me/2012/08/09/a-most-inspiring-award/

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