Today’s lesson

First Donald O’Connor dances over a keyboard
taps in a tip-top tip-toe kick-it-in-the-teeth
kind of way
then slapstick sashays all clown grace
over/under swivelling planks
through the whole let’s do the show right here
cartwheeling world
drives himself up those walls
and then shoots through one
wreck rips it right up.

Next Charlotte sends me a poem
jellyfish in the blender of the waves
flop and flatten under their own weight
on sand, prey to shoes and curious sticks.

Piano abuse.
Jellyfish abuse.
Strikes me there’s a lot of it about.

About Jan Dean

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2 Responses to Today’s lesson

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  2. Great fun Jan. Here’s to JLF – Jellyfish Liberation Front, not boy band.

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