From ‘The Mafioso’s Guide to Garden Maintenance’.

1. Tilth
you want results?
check your structure
but know that what you plant in clay
may dance differently
from how it does in sand
you got to know your loam

home ground holds
a family together
there’s no ‘wasted’ here –
soil loves to eat

2. Taking Out a Tree
look it over
sky high is not too tall
to take a fall
call me old-fashioned
but for this
I like a specialist
heavy duty gloves
an artist with a chain saw
a van that’s lined with polythene
when it’s over leaves
the hit site clean

3. Dealing with a Failing Shrub
begin with anything askance
a glance will do
progress to tuts
small cuts – a little pruning
where it overhangs the path
maybe simply break a branch
in passing
looks to stares
then glares
whisper gently in the wind
your days are numbered…

fetch the saw
the spade

                Jan Dean

About Jan Dean

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