Ashton-Under-Lyne FE

Tech in the 60’s
General Studies
sent us to the library
to check the bias
of the headline stories
nothing changes
but I can’t speak for the Telegraph
it wasn’t there
was never there
at 8 o’clock the trades came in
they stole it every day
I thought of chippies
solving 9 across
and brickies pondering
editorials as they laid a course
the Head of Plumbing
looked at me
as if I was a slate short
half a Daily Telegraph he said
is the test of a good flush.
Jan Dean

About Jan Dean

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4 Responses to Ashton-Under-Lyne FE

  1. Liz Brownlee says:

    Is it really!? I don’t really want to buy it to prove ours is terrible…

  2. Jan Dean says:

    Who knows? It’s just what he said! I can’t imagine it would be now – papers are a lot thicker than they were then, when Sunday supplements were a new thing…. I should imagine lowflush technology would be completely buggered by shredded newsprint.

  3. #1 on the list of best things to do with the Telegraph.

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