we are eating unplanned cake
in a teashop steaming with wet overcoats
each butter yellow crumb’s a structure
unexpectedly complex            magnified
they could be Aztec fragments
…………………..honeycomb chunks of reef
…………………..crystal structures of some precious metal

black umbrellas in the corner huddle like wet bats
the shop bell rings another in            another in……. another

a whole tide rises                   bodies              voices
overlapping clatter of metal chairs across tile floors

all this noise
all this press

the cake is wonderful

we focus on the pouring of the tea
move into the amber space

Jan Dean


About Jan Dean

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2 Responses to sheltering

  1. suepoemcat says:

    Oh that’s lovely Jan, it took me back to our outing with Sally in Bath, how exotic you make cake, particularly unplanned cake.

  2. Jan Dean says:

    Cheers, chicken.

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