Inconsequential events in Sidmouth

because I was not wearing my glasses
I thought it said the proper way to eat a frog
because I was not wearing my glasses
the coins slipped into a not slot     and rolled
and rolled and there was never a single thought of figs
though I frequently think of figs
their fatness
their blue purpleness
their red seedy flesh
and that scene from the film of Women In Love
all tongues and sex at some al fresco meal
that was definitely not a cream tea

because I was not wearing my glasses
I couldn’t see the silver skittering towards the drain
though I heard it fall                        followed it
with my unlensed eyes       …………a complete waste of time
and then suddenly I did think of figs
I could almost smell them
feel their cool kidskin against my lips
and remembered Alan Bates and Eleanor Bron
Eleanor Bron            ………………… that garden
at that not cream tea table
and how ridiculous …………………..that I ever thought
there was/ 
there might be a proper way to eat a frog
and now how shall I pay for my parking
with all my coins sunk in stormdrains
which might serve frogs/ ruin figs
and I really do need my glasses

Jan Dean

About Jan Dean

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7 Responses to Inconsequential events in Sidmouth

  1. Wow – loved it. Reminded me of years ago when in Brisbane watching a Christmas parade and my glasses fell into a culvert. We were beside a swanky jewellers and I went in and asked for a coat hanger (wire one) which I proceeded to stretch and use the hook. I worked. Nice ovation from the crowd 😉

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