Flick weed and other difficulties

my neighbour’s new                       ..to gardening
but believes it to be therapeutic    .works
in the NHS                                       .. psychiatrist

I think                                                 doesn’t know
her annuals                                     .. from perennials
still                                                       seems nice

I tried to help                                     she doesn’t like advice
believes                                            .. the sift of soil
through fingers                               .. is enough

that work will rescue                        outcome’s not important
might be something true                 in that
unless she looks back                   .. on the graft

when that neat line                           of seedlings crops
to bittercress                                      who wants to break their back
hairy bittercress                                 goosegrass   bugle

she’s got the lot                               .. forget-me-not
I have a soft spot for                        ..but it spreads
you have to watch                           …and celandine


I can’t think that a weed                  .it’s wildness creeping in
I understand we all                          ..leave chinks for madness
that we’re fond of                             ..but there’s limits

I watched her yesterday                  ..working a new bed
pouring topsoil from a barrow        spreading compost
onto undug ground                         ..she’s laying up a heap of trouble


you’d think a woman                       .in her line of work
would know                                   ..   there’s no use burying
weeds                                                   no use at all

Jan Dean

About Jan Dean

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2 Responses to Flick weed and other difficulties

  1. Are you my neighbour? Just kidding ‘cos no way would I put soil or compost on weeds left in soil.

  2. Jan Dean says:

    A woman of good sense.

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