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in slant and dappled light two kingdoms meet the running border of the river struggles with itself………stones smoothed………by wild water……..tumbling oblivious to the fall of chieftains the shift of power the shuffling of wealth are nothing here beyond sweet light … Continue reading

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That Moment

there are stars in him and suns everything that shines from metal in the mountainside to the yellow scales of small bright fish shines in him now all this overflowing light every raindrop in this cloud is rainbow, mirror, lantern, … Continue reading

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the paint peels cracks into white flakes the lines between are dark the wood black recessed corners blurred with spider nests decay has a life of its own an underlife of dark matter even when the paint was new this … Continue reading

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Sidebar Psychology

the thrills are back I am creating my map Atterley Road Jigsaw playing now and yes, I do fancy winning a trip to America or an awesome snow weekend does this rollercoaster express the real me am I saying what … Continue reading

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