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Mammoth Tasks, Or – Why The Mammoth Became Extinct.

Eat grass. Eat more grass. Rub tusks on tree trunk. Eat grass. Make huge hairy trumpeting noise With my lovely mammoth trunk – Attract beautiful lady mammoth Make mammoth music together, Make baby mammoths, So that mammoth kind will never … Continue reading

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What to do when everything tastes of stupid.

all the soup in this place    ………..is vaguely tan no matter what they call it   ………it tastes of swede stretched overheads?         …………a cook who can’t? I give it a wide berth       … Continue reading

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Sexual attraction in a revolving door

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Sidebar Psychology

the thrills are back I am creating my map Atterley Road Jigsaw playing now and yes, I do fancy winning a trip to America or an awesome snow weekend does this rollercoaster express the real me am I saying what … Continue reading

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Conspiracy theorist: e/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB

the railway viaduct is painted pale the slogan’s spraycan black it took me a minute to get my eye in upside down‘s not good for me too much blood rushing to the head too great a sense of gravity I … Continue reading

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