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identical things out of synch

wrinkles in the mirror for example when I am clearly only six and it is strange that someone as tall as me can’t reach the top shelf staggering that my slimness escapes over my belt how can reality keep getting … Continue reading

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in slant and dappled light two kingdoms meet the running border of the river struggles with itself………stones smoothed………by wild water……..tumbling oblivious to the fall of chieftains the shift of power the shuffling of wealth are nothing here beyond sweet light … Continue reading

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I click on the bell enjoy the joke from the Episcopalians feel commiseration rise with the friend engaged in struggle someone has liked my comment there are fish in it again why did I say that when is it celebration … Continue reading

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catching on

that one thing that I loved and couldn’t part with took charge and though I carried on as if it hadn’t it drew me back again and again and every time I stood by it I love you I said … Continue reading

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nodding acquaintance

a foxglove that I never plantedbut was pleased to see in leaf last yearis tall now….. and dark pinkbees visit…… sliding their fuzzy arsesinto the snug pipes of the flowersreading the secret codes of pollen I see it from my … Continue reading

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hoarding the bread was not a good idea black mould blue-green penicillium the walls however were inspired so many seeking shelter so many flocking in and now I have them all the lost baffled………..mazed and mine Jan Dean

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Yellow Warning

sky melts pelts and helter skelts roads river drains spout streamspit surge and gutterspill down down down now soilsilt slithers fields edge under hedge fillditch flowthick redrun clayslips sheen and sheet waterrope Axe roars in narrows before the burst to … Continue reading

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First snow

first tonguetip flakemelt …..white freckling the blue night so she whirls across the hill …..dances is a blizzard of light …..in this joy of firstness this coming …..was always coming delight or disaster …..welcome it

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Mammoth Tasks, Or – Why The Mammoth Became Extinct.

Eat grass. Eat more grass. Rub tusks on tree trunk. Eat grass. Make huge hairy trumpeting noise With my lovely mammoth trunk – Attract beautiful lady mammoth Make mammoth music together, Make baby mammoths, So that mammoth kind will never … Continue reading

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